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Just 7 days left to support our USA Project!

Dec 03 2012

Just 7 days left to support our USA Project!

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I’m very excited about partnering with USA Projects to raise funds to complete The Asymptote to Zero Gravity, an incredibly physical work that is a huge leap forward for me as an artist. It is the first project that truly fuses my interests in dance and video-based multimedia; live stream video of the dancers performing is manipulated through video modules on a computer and projected back onto the dancers, creating an otherworldly atmosphere that suggests that anything is possible. Working collaboratively with my dancers to answer the question “how can we walk on the walls?”, we’ve developed a risk-taking movement vocabulary that defies the laws of physics.

USA Projects is an incredible organization that works to fund artists working at an advanced level in their field. To qualify for a membership, artists must have already received outstanding recognition in their field, through either a grant or award. I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be a part of this community and to receive the support that this organization provides to individual artists.

25-45% of the fundraising goal will be contributed through matching grants from one of USA Projects partner organizations. Because your contributions will be made to a non-profit organization who will then issue a grant, your contributions are tax deductible. Contribute by December 31 and you’ll receive a tax break for 2012!

Please contribute to this campaign not just to support my artistry but also to support works that strives to integrate the arts and the sciences and further understanding between the two by doing so. Thank you so much for taking the time to consider funding this project. Check out the variety of perks offered in return for contributions at different levels. Any contribution, no matter how small, will help me reach my funding goal and help us get a little close to defying gravity.


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