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Perchance to Dream

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a fascinating triumph of set design, costume, and narrative” – Matt Hason, Broadway World (full review here)

Perchance to Dream is about finding inner peace and being responsible for your own spiritual transformation and psychological well-being. The piece is influenced by both traditional Chinese philosophies and traditional Chinese dance, touching on the cyclical nature of yin & yang and incorporating traditional Chinese water sleeves to allude to the transformative healing power of water. Zen (or Chán) Buddhism is based on the fundamental principle that we are all enlightened beings and that waking up is a matter of an instantaneous realization and actualization of that tenet.

In this story, a girl struggles with her “other half” who she perceives as hurtful but is actually trying to tell her something. Fatigued from fighting, she is submerged by her other half into an underwater dreamworld where she learns to stop fighting the current and flow of the water and instead go with it. She emerges to embrace and accept her other half, fully integrating her self as one.

Early drafts of the piece have been performed at Dance New Amsterdam, Green Space, Triskelion Arts, the Center for Performance Research and presented by the DC-based theater company Taffety Punk at the Capitol Hill Arts Workshop.

Performers: Anjuli Bhattacharrya, Alyssa Caliendo, Alison Coleman, Lara Friedman, Micheline Heal, Jun Lee, Elizabeth McGuire.
Opening and Closing Duets: Alyssa Caliendo, Micheline Heal.
Multimedia Design: Paul Piekarz
Music: Wytold Lebing, Arvo Part


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